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Healing Vibes Crystals offers sacred crystals and ritual tools to help you live a more intentional life.


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Hey, I’m Jasmine!

Welcome to our community! I am so glad you’re here 🙂

I am an intuitive guide here to serve you. I have intuitively picked each crystal in our shop with love and the intention to help guide you to more high vibrational experiences. Each crystal carries unique metaphysical properties that are aligned with the chakra system. If you are feeling imbalanced and are in need of healing or simply want to add more positive energy to your life there is a crystal that can help with that. If you are new to crystal healing, I offer crystal guidance sessions to help you on your journey.

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``I bought raw tumbles, cubes and a beautiful flower agate from Healing Vibes Crystals. The quality of the crystals is amazing, the color and not to mention the flower agate is sooo pretty and I’ve gotten many compliments on them. I was a bit busy and was unable to go pick up the crystals as I had originally planned, but Jaz was great to remind me and shipped them to me. Everything was well wrapped and I am definitely going to come back and buy more!``


``I ordered a BEAUTIFUL Flower Agate. It was packed with Love and care. I received my package quickly with positive little goodies inside. I will definitely be ordering again from Jaz. 💜💖💜``