About Us

The Company

The Company

Healing Vibes Crystals was founded to connect people to beautiful crystals and magical experiences. The owner, Jasmine had a spiritual awakening in 2020 and began her healing journey. Jasmine began using crystals as a tool during this time and quickly started experiencing the magic of crystal energy. After sharing her experiences with others, she learned that people were extremely fascinated and wanted to learn more. Jasmine knew that she needed to help people begin their crystal journeys and have the same magical experiences. She has a passion for sharing the metaphysical properties of crystals with others and is always wanting to learn more herself. Jasmine is getting certified in Reiki this Spring and is excited to take you along on her journey.

Our Mission

To guide people to more spiritual experiences. We want to encourage people to live a more intentional lifestyle by setting intentions and then utilizing crystal energy to help manifest those intentions. When we show up for ourselves magical things start to happen. Most importantly, our vibration naturally rises ✨

Our Vision

To help create a world filled with more love. We can help create this world by focusing on the way we show up on a daily basis. Healing Vibes Crystals wants to create a spiritual community that focuses on holistic wellness. Our biggest mission is to play a part in normalizing mental health. We want people to know that healing is possible.